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"Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." — Frank Lloyd Wright

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Need To Comply?

Given the ubiquity of word-processing and desktop publishing software, publishers have shifted many aspects of document design to the author. For example, universities have guidelines for dissertations; journals have guidelines for articles. These guidelines typically specify

  • page size and margins;
  • paragraph alignment, indentation, and spacing;
  • font type and size; and
  • heading and subheading levels.

Manually formatting each section, page, paragraph, or heading to conform with the required guidelines is time-consuming and subject to human error. However, settings such as typography and layout can be implemented in a template.

Formatting Services

If you need assistance formatting your document according to a specific set of graduate school guidelines, submission guidelines, or organizational standards, I can create a custom template for you based on those guidelines.

A template functions like a cascading style sheet. Once created, the template is applied to your document, ensuring that it conforms to the required format in a consistent manner.

Contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss your format requirements as well as rates and turnaround time.

Format Settings

Based on the guidelines provided, I define settings for each functional unit of a document. For example, I set the size and orientation of each section as well as the font type and size of each heading.

Functional Unit

Format Settings


Front matter

Back matter


Page orientation, size, & margins

Headers, footers, & page numbers



Alignment, indentation, & spacing

Body text

Lists & tables


Table of Contents [TOC]

Lists of Tables/Figures




Style guidelines [APA, MLA, ...]

Graduate school guidelines

Publisher specifications


The table below shows the format settings I define, organized by functional unit.

Formatting Rates

My formatting rate is based on word count. This approach allows me to provide an up-front estimate based on your actual text. To generate the word count for a document in Word, select Tools | Word Count.

Enter number of words:


File Format

I format using Microsoft Word, so any of the following file formats are acceptable:

  • Microsoft Word 2003/2007 [.doc]
  • Microsoft Word 2010 [.docx]
  • Rich Text File [.rtf]

Formatting Process

Based on the guidelines you provide, I create a Word template. A template consists of a pre-defined layout and a set of style codes that encode format requirements. Once the template is created, I attach it to your document.

Upon request, I can send the template and a list of shortcuts to you. You can either create a new document from the template or attach it to any pre-existing document.

Academic Documents


Title Page


Application Materials






Technical Documents